Last week, I taught the eighth and final installment of my online class, Tapworthy iPhone Design and User Experience. I had a huge amount of fun teaching it, the feedback was positive, and the class sold out—all factors that are already nudging us to fire up the class again, probably in the fall.

If you’re itchin’ for mobile know-how before that, you can also order the course video from O’Reilly. At 90 minutes per class, that’s 12 heaping hours of design principles, examples, and bad jokes from yours truly. Interested? Here’s the gist:

Want to create an iPhone app that truly delights its users? Learn how to go from initial idea to exceptional app with this 8-session video course. You’ll discover how to “think iPhone” as you plan and create app interfaces in tune with the ergonomics, psychology, and culture of an audience on the go. Experienced designers and newcomers alike will learn the techniques and mindset required to craft a tapworthy iPhone app.

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