The internet is a mighty big medium. And it’s getting bigger, spreading not only across platforms and screens but into the physical world. As everyday objects become connected and everyone carries a super computer in their handbag or pocket, the entire world becomes a digital surface. Anything can be an interface.

Big Medium helps clients make daring leaps in how they interact with the digital and physical. We design interfaces and product strategy for this multi-device world, for clients trying to make that world a better place. We also provide executive sessions, training, and UX reviews. Learn about our services.

We are unlike any other agency

  • Focus. Big Medium takes on a tiny number of projects every year. Clients get intense attention from their team.
  • Change makers. We choose meaningful work that nudges the world forward: new interactions, industry reinvention, or social change.
  • The A-team. Clients always get the industry’s best designers, researchers, and developers. There are no junior bench-warmers—because Big Medium carries no staff. We are a tight-knit network of well-known domain experts, with bespoke teams hand-picked by principal Josh Clark.
  • Research-driven. Transformation doesn’t happen on a hunch. Our design work emerges from interviews, testing, and real-world data.

We are just like any other agency

  • Got it all. We are full-service.
  • Been there. We have lots of experience with huge enterprise companies and scrappy startups alike. We’ve been at it since 2002.
  • Fancy. We’ve won tons of awards.
  • The right size. We like to work small, but we can scale teams quickly when needed.

A network of the industry’s best

We carry no staff, and that’s perhaps our biggest asset. Big Medium works a bit like the internet itself: distributed resources, carefully selected, that come together to solve important problems. Clients get teams that are carefully tailored by Big Medium principal Josh Clark to fit their particular challenge, from a deep network of the industry’s best independent designers and developers. Here’s a sampling: