Interface and experience design

We design remarkable digital experiences for connected devices, websites, and apps. Our process is both deep and nimble; we deliver products born from rigorous research and implemented with speed and the latest techniques. Our teams are made up of the industry’s best independent designers, developers, and researchers. We deliver on time and on budget.

We specifically seek out meaningful work that shakes expectations and nudges the world forward: new interactions, industry reinvention, social change, or design at scale. If that’s what you’re exploring, too, we’d love to work with you. Review our recent projects.

Executive sessions

We help executives and managers make sense of the emerging digital future. In private briefings and working sessions, Big Medium principal Josh Clark explains what’s coming next for digital interfaces and explore what that means for the organization’s strategy, impact, and reach. These sessions are tailored to the organization’s specific needs and dilemmas. They vary from hour-long briefings to multi-day sessions exploring new strategy, design process, and product concepts.


Josh Clark inspires and educates designers, developers, and executives—and he can do the same for your event audience, too. Josh’s keynotes focus on the applications (and implications) of emerging interfaces. His presentation style is as much performance as conference talk, and his talks are at once hilarious, practical, and galvanizing. Watch Josh’s recent keynotes.


Our workshops help designers and managers level-up their design process and technique. We offer half-day, full-day, or two-day formats at conferences or private settings. Our workshops are appropriate for designers, developers, and managers. Recent workshop topics include:

  • Designing with machine learning and AI
  • Building and using design systems
  • Designing exceptional mobile experiences
  • Prototyping connected devices and IoT products
  • Adopting faster, more reliable design processes
  • Designing for sensors and the physical interface
  • Crafting voice interfaces that work

UX reviews

We help you discover actionable, immediate improvements in your interface designs. We combine lightweight usability testing with careful analysis of your goals and interface. We deliver a set of recommendations for your team to implement, ranging from quick-win tweaks to down-deep rethinking of features.

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