The good folks at SXSW just posted the audio of my talk last month, “Tapworthy: Designing iPhone Apps for Delight and Usability.” Apologies, the audio’s kinda boomy (the room was BIG), but it mellows out over the course of the hour. If you care to follow along, I posted the slides at Slideshare. In fact, here are all the pieces in one handy place:

So there you go: You’ve got audio, you’ve got slides—It’s just like being there, only less beer, no barbecue, and you don’t get to see my pretty mug. But all the ideas are there, and it all adds up to a tasty preview of a few of the ideas from my book.

Speaking of the book, this just in: The book previously known as Tapworthy was recently blessed with a name change, much to my delight. The new title is Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps. It’ll be on shelves in June, and it’s available for preorder now. Tapworthy, my friends. You heard it here first.

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