Josh Clark at Design for Mobile (D4M)
Photo by Steven Hoober.

Wow, I’ve had a really astounding week at the Design for Mobile conference in Chicago. Many thanks to the organizers (especially Barbara Ballard), the other speakers, and most of all to the attendees. I’m confident they taught me much more than I taught them. (More on everything I learned and the people I met soon.)

My talk on Wednesday was “iPad Design Headaches: Take Two Tablets and Call Me in the Morning.” Luke Wroblewski shared his awesomely detailed notes from the talk, and I’ve also posted my slides at SlideShare. Those slides don’t include the video I showed; you can watch the video of the Uzu app at YouTube.

I was more tha a little crushed that MobileActive’s Katrin Verclas wasn’t able to make it for her talk due to a travel snafu. The last-minute opening unexpectedly put me onstage to share my talk about tapworthy iPhone apps. It was substantially the same talk as the webcast I gave the other week for O’Reilly. You can watch the video of that webcast and/or download the slides.

Totally aglow and inspired from a week of great learning and sharing. We’re all inventing this space right now, and experimentation and conversation is crucial. Happy to find so many other like-minded folks at Design for Mobile this week. Great conference.

iPad Design Headaches

Designing Tapworthy iPhone Apps

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