Inc. Magazine profiled and interviewed Big Medium’s Josh Clark about the elements of great mobile products (and the stuff we’re still getting wrong). “Digital is becoming physical, and physical is becoming digital, and mobile is at the center of it,” Josh told Kelly Hoey.

The whole thing is worth a read, but here are some design principles that Josh offered when Kelly asked, “what should people keep in mind when designing for the mobile consumer?”

  • Design for convenience: move people as quickly as possible from inspiration to action.
  • Embrace the physicality of touch: consider handheld ergonomics, and imagine data objects as physical objects.
  • Sometimes the best touch UI is no touch at all: use sensors and data to move interaction off the screen entirely.
  • Is "engagement" really a worthwhile goal?
  • Consider how a light-touch experience might actually make people’s lives better.
  • Design for the physical-digital border: make the most of the magic in phones that let them cross back and forth between those worlds.

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