Wareable.com profiled and interviewed Big Medium’s Josh Clark about the risks and opportunities of moving interactions off screen and into the world around us. “The real luxury will not be more data but less, delivered in a thoughtful and respectful way,” Josh told Tanya Combrinck:

Clark has been designing mobile interfaces for years and is now focusing his attention on what’s coming next: the era in which "the entire world becomes a digital interface".

He’s talking about the internet of things; as sensors and processors become so inexpensive they can be put anywhere and everywhere. Designing how we interact with this landscape of devices, and how they interact with each other, is his thing. And one of Clark’s obsessions is how we make design decisions to manage the overwhelming amount of data that now surrounds us.

“As we move interactions into the physical world and off of screens, I hope that means we can let go of our dysfunctional obsession with engagement. What brands and designers really mean when they say ”engagement“ is really ”theft of attention." … It’s about delivering the right information quickly and at useful moments – and then letting you get back to your life in the real world.

“That should be the goal of our interfaces: speak only when relevant, and then pipe down. We have better things to do than lose ourselves in our screens.”

Check out the full article at Wareable.com: Wearables and our dysfunctional obsession with screens and engagement

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