Multidevice Mambo - title slide

Designers tend to approach every interface as a dance solo, assuming that their UI will enjoy sole attention. Truth is, the stage is jammed with digital performers, and more join every day. Watches, thermostats, televisions, jewelry, phones, and everyday appliances are lighting up with new intelligence and interactions. The challenge and opportunity for designers is to create experiences for each gizmo that anticipate and embrace these other players, designing with the whole troupe in mind—and encouraging users to sashay among them.

Josh Clark shares a whirling fandango of practical techniques and interaction examples to show how designers can plan and craft a UX for this whole complex ecosystem, not just for the individual device. The nature of UI design is cha-cha-cha changing; learn to keep up with the tempo of this multi-device mambo. Learn to:

  • Dance with a partner (or many of them): design patterns for slinging content between devices
  • Get physical: how physical interaction is just as important to multidevice UX as screen-based digital interaction
  • Do the latest dance: how emerging platforms like conversational UI and the internet of things are relevant to every web designer or developer
  • Stay in step: manage brand consistency as you sashay across devices, operating systems, platforms
  • Organize the steps: Process, technique, and planning for multi-device, multi-platform experiences (e.g. making it work in your organization)

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