Big Medium senior developer Kevin Coyle has been cooking up all kinds of experiments in the Big Medium laboratories to test the opportunities and challenges of AI and machine learning. His work has blazed new paths for Big Medium’s client work, for our individual practices, and even for the way we relate to each other as friends and colleagues.

Kevin is responsible for creating Dr. Frank, Big Medium’s AI sandbox. In this talk at the Converge conference, Kevin shares some of the ideas and findings that have emerged from that work.

He digs into how and why web development has become siloed, burdened by frustrating communication barriers between developers, designers, and product managers. With a blend of technical demos and good ol’ human kindness/empathy, Kevin shows how artificial intelligence can help us overcome those barriers by streamlining workflows and improve human-to-human communication.

You’ll discover:

  • The roots of bad communication in digital product teams
  • The benefits that come from meaningful communication with your colleagues, no matter their skillset
  • How AI can make it easier for designers to create for developers, and for developers to understand designers’ work
  • How AI can make design system documentation more inclusive
  • How anyone and any organization can build their own AI platform (and yes, your data will stay private!)

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