Sitting Room only at SXSW
Sitting-room-only at the Tapworthy talk at SXSW. Photo by Ben Guthrie

Well. This is outrageously flattering. Seems my talk about designing tapworthy apps ranked in the top five most popular talks at South by Southwest, tied for third out of over 300 sessions. What an honor, bronze never looked so good! Many thanks to everyone who came to the talk and gave such positive feedback. Having such a sensational audience makes all the difference.

Even better, the guy who topped the list (with a perfect 5.0 score!) was Providence pal and mobile-web-app rockstar Jonathan Stark, who closed out the iPhone workshop I curated. His Hold the Cocoa talk was sensational. Providence represents! Seriously, if you’re at all interested in web development or mobile apps, you’ve gotta check out his book, Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. (He’s also got a similar book coming out for Android apps later this year.)

If you missed my talk, you can still catch the audio, and flip through the slides. And hey, come to Chicago in September for the Design for Mobile conference, where [I’ll be ruminating][d4m-announce] about iPad design headaches.

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