Designing for Touch - English, French, Chinese
Designing for Touch is now available in Chinese, French, and the original English.

I always feel a giddy cosmopolitan flush when one of my books is published in a new language. (Hey if I can’t manage to a cosmopolitan swagger, at least my books can look the part.)

And so I’m feeling especially je ne sais quoi about the publication of Designing for Touch in France and—new this summer—in China. Many thanks to translators Charles Robert and Zou Zheng (aka “C7210”) for their remarkable work on these two editions.

You can snap up any of these editions at the links below:

Designing for Touch explores all the ways that touchscreen UX goes way beyond making buttons bigger for fat fingers. Designers have to revisit—and in many cases chuck out—the common solutions of the last thirty years of traditional interface design. In this book, you’ll discover entirely new methods, including design patterns, touchscreen metrics, ergonomic guidelines, and interaction metaphors that you can use in your websites and apps right now. The future is in your hands.

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