Designing for Touch
Designing for Touch puts the most effective touchscreen design patterns in your hands.

It’s no longer just how your pixels look; it’s how they feel in the hand. Designing for Touch is an essential new book by Big Medium’s Josh Clark that gives designers the know-how to create interfaces that let you touch—stretch, crumple, drag, flick—information itself.

Touchscreens are everywhere: cabs, vending machines, wristwatches, airplane seats, dressing-room mirrors, and of course the gadgets we carry in our pockets and handbags. Despite this inundation of touch devices, most websites remain stubbornly optimized for mouse and cursor. It’s past time for designers to catch up with a new generation of web-savvy gadgets.

Designing for touch goes way beyond making buttons bigger for fat fingers. Designers have to revisit—and in many cases chuck out—the common solutions of the last thirty years of traditional interface design. In this book, you’ll discover entirely new methods, including design patterns, touchscreen metrics, ergonomic guidelines, and interaction metaphors that you can use in your websites and apps right now. Crack your knuckles, limber up those fingers, and let’s get started.

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