Don't Mess with Texas
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I got a nice surprise in the form of an e-mail from Hugh Forrest last weekend. Hugh is the director of the South by Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSW), and he wrote to tell me that I won a free registration to the 2008 event in March. Oh yes, friends, the tech-conference winds are blowing a sweet and gentle breeze in my direction.

SXSW is one of the top-top-top events for web designers and developers, a multi-day conference, festival, schmoozefest, party, and all-out celebration of all things digital. I’ve wanted to go for the past several years, but the transatlantic flight to Austin, Texas, always seemed a bit too much. I had determined to go next year, though, and on a whim I sent in an answer to a trivia challenge on the SXSW mailing list. I won! And with that, I’m Austin-bound in 2008.

Everything’s big in Texas, and not much is bigger than SXSW when it comes to trend-spotting fresh ideas on the web. Really excited.

In other conference news, I signed up this week to attend Carson’s Future of Web Apps conference in London in October. And of course it’s Hack Day this weekend.

Normally, I’m a solo geek tapping away on my own, muttering to myself. Suddenly, between these three fandangos, I’m a social butterfly. Fly, baby, fly.

Drop me a line if you’re attending any of these events and want to meet up. I’ll be the guy muttering to himself.

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