Grand Medium - Monsieur Salimou
I received this invitation from M. Salimou, a self-professed big medium.

Like most urban mailboxes, mine collects its fair share of flyers, hand-delivered by old-school guerilla marketers. Ads for locksmiths, menus for Chinese restaurants, vaguely desperate pleas from neighborhood realtors. This week, though, I was bemused to receive a flyer from a big medium.

No, not that Big Medium. This was a missive from another medium entirely, un grand medium to be precise. Click the flyer image to enlarge, but this is the gist in English:

Monsieur Salimou

Specialist in all things occult. Quickly resolve all your problems: Love, rediscovered affection, absolute fidelity from your spouse, immediate return of a loved one, marriage, luck, protection against danger, lifting of curses, tests, contests, work, success, sports, job search, business, etc…

Bring a photo or object. Serious, efficient, fast. Results guaranteed. House calls possible.

As it turns out, this is exactly the kind of big medium I had in mind when I named the Big Medium content management system… a medium to help mere mortals communicate with a mysterious (technical) realm. It’s a nifty double entendre for the fact that the Internet itself is a fairly hefty medium itself. Alas, unlike M. Salimou, my big medium doesn’t make house calls.

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