FOWA London

I’m zipping under the English Channel this afternoon to go to London for the Future of Web Apps conference on October 9 and 10.

If you’ll be there, too, please say hello. Seriously. It’s been way too long since we last caught up, and you look fantastic.

The gang at Carsonified knows how to put on a good party (including a healthy open bar at the end of each day and a live taping of Diggnation, which made for wacky fun last year). As usual, FOWA has a bright group of speakers this year, and I’m particularly looking forward to talks by personal heroes Kathy Sierra, Matt Biddulph, and Tim Bray.

Lots of other interesting topics and speakers this year, too, although it’s a high-churn format, with most talks lasting only 15–30 minutes. Looks like they’re aiming for variety over depth, and that works for me. I like the idea of getting exposure to lots of different perspectives and then diving into the ideas more deeply for homework. (While presentations are great for piquing your interest, they’re pretty lousy for sharing high-resolution info.)

If you can bear hearing my gears grind, follow me on Twitter to see what I’m learning (and, um, sipping).

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