Software-startup guru Bob Walsh gave a glowing review of Tapworthy over the weekend. Thanks, Bob!

Yes, this is a book of chapter, verse, example, and tightly-edited interviews with developers behind some of the biggest iPhone apps. But that’s a disguise. It’s really an awesome set of fresh, up-to-date and useful ways to think about how you design iPhone apps, smartphone apps, desktop apps, web apps, you name it. This is not your typical rehash conventional software interface “best practices” book. What Josh nails is a sea change in what people expect of software apps, especially mobile apps.

I’m especially pleased that Bob called out the quality of the paper edition (“As a physical book, it’s what a book should be: full gorgeous color, great content structure, well-written and edited”). I’m all atingle about the book’s layout and design, and while the ebook versions look good, too, they don’t quite capture the glow of the physical book’s design. Glad you liked it, Bob!

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