Kevin Coyle

Kevin Coyle is technical lead at Big Medium. He brings a blend of mad-scientist enthusiasm and enterprise-ready discipline—a potent mix as he helps our client companies metabolize emerging technology, including AI and machine learning.

In addition to AI, Kevin brings long experience in enterprise solution design, enterprise software, and test-driven development. He’s passionate about aesthetics, creativity, and innovation—and he loves doing all of those things with others. Kevin enjoys working with diverse and talented teams to make projects successful.

Kevin is founder and director of Drutek, a digital agency specializing in Drupal web development. He is an Acquia Certified Developer.

Kevin is also a prolific creator of new products and side projects, including Roast My Desk, Really Focussed, and an unpleasant AI assistant named Foul Susie.

Kevin lives in Manchester, England. When he’s not training our future robot overlords, Kevin is training his beagles—or tinkering with his narrowboat somewhere in the British canal network.

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